Rent of the cutter in St. Petersburg.

The most attractive way to get acquainted with the majority of sights of St. Petersburg can be a rent of the cutter for walk across the rivers and canals.

There is a mass of interesting places in this majestic city, which you can perfectly admire from the deck of the yacht or the cutter, rented in the KaterOnline company.

There is a great number of travel agencies in St. Petersburg which offer such sightseeing tours. It can be a travel by bus or a walk on foot, but emotions from the rent of the cutter or small boat can’t be compared with any way of walks.

Rent of the cutter is a very comfortable way to walk across the canals and rivers of Northern Venice, thus walks across the rivers allow to see majestic bridges from shorter distance that will undoubtedly leave unforgettable impressions in souls of many tourists.

Such way of walks is much more interesting and more unusual, both to visitors and for residents. Here opens a bit other prospect of sightseeing tour, than at a look from the embankment or the avenue.

Of course, this service is available only during open navigation across the Neva, and it, in its turn, begins at the end of April and terminates at last decade of October. That’s why, many people try to plan the holiday so, that to have an opportunity to admire beauty and greatness of channels, bridges and embankments. The opportunity to go for walk at night to admire unique night St. Petersburg is in huge demand.

St. Petersburg is a magnificent city where it seems, that even stones of pavements are involved in history of the great country. Everything reminds here of this or that event of historical importance. However not all have an opportunity close to adjoin to history, that’s why, being in St. Petersburg, many people almost with awe learn it — walk and enjoy the beauty of structures, monuments, water channels and rivers/

The order of the cutter can be made from 10:00 till 01:00 by phone: +7 (921) 926-87-03

Rent of cutters in St. Petersburg. Walks across the rivers and canals.
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